6 thoughts on “Advert for Thomas Fewster & Sons

  1. They Fewster’s owned the land bounded by Ragpath Lane, Darlington Lane and Rochester Road and the “Rhondda Valley”. The offices and potting sheds, together with two houses, were on Darlington Lane opposite Daventry Avenue. Part of the land was sold off in the late 1950s for the building of Fern Park and the remainder in the 1960s for the building of Woodlands Estate. The detached houses on the bank on Ragpath Lane opposite St Gregory’s School were, I believe, owned by various members of the Fewster family in the 1950s, as was the bungalow on Darlington Lane opposite the entrance to Sheraton Park. Part of the market garden’s concrete boundary fencing survives near this,


    • I think it was Fewsters greenhouses off Greens Lane between Hartburn and Fairfield—-wonderful smell and even better tomatoes—not like the current crops
      Denis Perry


    • They also had 2 houses on Darlington Lane on the opposite side to the Nursery which they had built for the family. They are next to the old police houses nearest to the Ring Road, the numbers being I think 183 and 181. If the police office had the number 185 then the numbers are 181 and 179.


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