14 thoughts on “Henzell Street, Stockton c1957

  1. My grandmother’s brother lived at 31 Henzell Street according to 1891 census. His name was William FAGAN. and was a heater and steel worker.


  2. My 3 greats grandfather owned 7 cottages in Henzell Street they were left to his family in his Will of 1853. Unfortunately I don’t know which numbers.


      • Hmmmm! I was just quoting the document but interesting that he also left two houses in other streets and called them houses so you wouldn’t think he’d be mixed up between houses and cottages.


  3. I have just fund out from the 1911 census that my maternal grandparents John and Anges Walsmley lived in number 26 Henzel Street.


  4. Mary Trotter (nee Freeney) lived at number 23 Henzell Street in 1911, with 3 of her children: William, Frederick and Polly. She was the widow of Richard Trotter. Previously the family had lived at 24, James Street Stockton.


  5. Looking at the bottom photo you can see there was bomb damage at both ends & between the houses at the Bone St. end, we called them commons. The family who lived in the end house at the Bone St. end were called Tye & had twin boys, I believe they moved to Roseworth.


  6. I think my wonderful dad was born in this street, he was called Edward Reeves. Does anyone have any information on the family? My nana was Annie Reeves…I thank you so very much for putting the pictures on of this street. I’ve been looking for photos of it. I really appreciate your effort. Thanks again.


  7. The top photo shows Dobbin Street in the background & the bottom one shows Chapmans Garage workshop at the end & the electricity place on the right. Henzell Street was the first one from Norton Road & had Thompson Street at one end & Bone Street at the other where Chapman’s workshop was. The Newbold family lived in the first house on the left bottom photo.


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