2 thoughts on “Manor Farmhouse, Wolviston

  1. If Manor Farmhouse is the building I’m thinking of, then it’s located on the junction of Durham Road and Wolviston Green. If so then I seem to recall that it was owned by the Church of England as part of their property portfolio. At about the time the photograph was taken, the tenant farmer was Mr Elliott with his wife, Pauline. I used to visit them once a month.

    As a boy, I and my friends used to range far and wide around the fields and lanes of north Billingham, Wolviston and Wynyard. What a fabulous boyhood I enjoyed, building camps, playing in hay fields, climbing trees etc. Now I fear we’ve wrapped the current generation of kids up in a climate of fear and “what if” culture. I believe in doing so they miss out on some of the great adventures and experiences I enjoyed. In my view there’s nothing wrong in taking calculated risks. One of my daughters and her family live in Norway. The culture for children there, of getting outdoors and living life is much like it was in my youth.


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