Junior Team, Norton Cricket Club c1942

t14077A team shot of Norton Cricket Club junior team from the year 1942. Players are normally aged up to 16 and in 1942 my late father, Tom Birtle, was the skipper of the team. The team was good enough to win a cup and league double and in this photograph Dad is holding one of the trophies. I’m afraid I don’t know the identities of any of his team mates.

The photograph is also interesting in that it shows the old wooden buildings on the Norton ground which were demolished in the 1960s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

9 thoughts on “Junior Team, Norton Cricket Club c1942

  1. Having studied this photo again over 4 years later than my original comment I think it very possible that my paternal uncle, Gordon Sheraton, who would have been about 16 at the time this was taken, is shown second from right, bottom row. I see his familiar ‘sticky-out’ ears and long, thin face. It would not surprise me if my father took the photo as there are other photos of my uncle Gordon on this PS website where description says they were taken by Ken Sheraton – they are of two of my father’s brothers Gordon and Jo’s when they were in Billingham Scouts before their move to newly built Beaconsfield Road Norton. Kenneth Sheraton b.1929 d.2005, Gordon Sheraton b.1926 d.2005.


  2. My late father, Ken Sheraton, was about 12 at this time. He told me he used to help out at the matches with the scoreboard as a lad. Wonder if he knew any of these men.


  3. Peter Cussons, a fellow student of SGS on right of front row. He later became a very good hockey player at Ben Rhydding/Ilkley. I played for Stockton CC Juniors against this Norton team a few times over the years.


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