Ropner Park c2004

t5153Ropner Park is one of the regions most impressive Victorian Parks, here we see work taking place on the lake c2004. The water was removed over a number of days and the fish taken to the Environment Agencys ponds at Pickering for a health check and for quarantine.

The silt that was built up in the lake t5154over the last fifty years was removed and stored in the Park. After 10-12 months when the silt had dried out it was used as compost for the flowerbeds.

Photographs courtesy of Parks & Countryside.

4 thoughts on “Ropner Park c2004

  1. The ducks are still there. Ducks and swans. Was there a time, when they’d been removed from the lake? A very beautiful, well-kept Park. It’s always kept looking so nice.


    • The ducks are thriving I can assure you, I did two laps of the pond on Monday and the ducks sunbathing on the path were not giving way to anyone.
      After the best Toasty and crisp salad I have had in a while in the Cafe and the cheapest, the Cafe being quite full with people sitting outside in the sunshine watching the children play we did the lovely walks around the Park.
      Lapping the pond brought back memories of Mr Williams the PE Teacher at Richard Hind making us run to the park three laps around the pond then run back to School. It was our sports ground, football cricket Rugger and the Girls played Hockey. Only in the very worst weather did we go in the Gym at St Peters Hall. I tell my Grandchildren we did Cutlas work and Epee with the buttons missing wearing just a thin cotton pad and a wobbly face mask, was it dangerous they ask? only if you had to fight Mr Williams who pulled no punches nor did he in the Boxing he floored me a couple of times but at least I drew blood on one occasion, he said he was not ready?
      With memories of walking in the Park pre-war, our games area during the war and then taking the Grandchildren in later years the Park has changed but was always a nice place to go.
      When I bowled there at night we would see the Ducks make their way up from the pond to the favourite nesting sites under the bushes on the Bowling rinks, they were safe behind a wire fence, they are not daft.
      My laps around the pond were not running as I once did under the eye of Mr Williams but on my boot scooter a wonderful machine that gets me out to see all the places I knew as a lad and what memories.


  2. Ropner Park on my last visit was a wonderful experience to think of what has been achieved in the upgrading of this wonderful Park. I was under the impression the work had been done by the Stockton Council but later told it was all the work of the Ropner Trust, is this a fact or or fantasy.
    Whoever was responsible well done you have created an excellent Park for the Stockton Public a Park to be proud of… I could not find the Tennis courts but my friend Gran Cooper now living near Bristol told me they were still in the same position they were in in the past, but I could not find them, maybe my memory is not as good as it was. Are the ducks and swans still in the lake? I remember sliding on the lake in 1947 a very severe winter, we built Igloos and they were still partially visible the following April. Any one else remember the winter of 1947, and any unusual activities?


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