A Sketch Book of Stockton

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‘Because of our association with this staunch north country town, and because of our belief that our Artist has happily captured the personality of Stockton, it gives us great pleasure to offer this collection of drawings to our friends’ – extract taken from ‘A Sketch book of Stockton’, The Power-Gas Corporation Ltd and Ashmore Benson, Pease & Co.

Images courtesy of Glenn Hutchinson

14 thoughts on “A Sketch Book of Stockton

  1. H S Lowry lived in Richmond Road, Oxbridge, Stockton on Tees. His son was called Mike Lowry and he was a car body repairer and paint sprayer. He worked for the garage on Yarm Lane called Fred Dinsdales for a few years and ended up with his own place near the old dairy in Spring Street Stockton. Mike Lowry owned the ‘compressor’ that won the Isle of Man TT.


    • mike lowry was my foreman when i was a apprentice at dinsdales he was a great bloke who really knew his trade every thursday when we got paid he would send me for a tin of snuff, when he left in 1961 to go and work at m p g garages i left to go on the railway, mike was a great bloke and a real character, he lived on oxbridge lane opposite the cemetery


  2. Does any one remember the Boiled Sweet Factory in the Green Dragon Yard I think it was called Smiths Boiled Sweets. It was next to the entrance to the theatre. My mother and sister worked there before the war. I remember during the war or just after the war my mother used to be able to buy monkey nuts from the factory. I remember my father was partial to the nuts but sometimes we found mouse droppings in the nuts, which put me off them, I am surprised Dad did not catch anything from eating the nuts, I think he used to wash them quite vigorously.


      • Wow I had forgotten about the boiled sweet stall, my friend Jeff Hewitt and myself used to share a quarter of pear drops from there on Sat after we had been to the Children’s Library in Wellington St. Simple pleasures but very welcome.


  3. What a brilliant collection of sketches of Stockton. I wonder if my good friend Tony Hutchinson has ever produced something similar from his paintings of local scenes. How many other talented artists do we have as natives of Stockton


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