18 thoughts on “Newtown Junior School Class 4A – 1962

  1. Still have this picture. I think most of the names have already been filled in. I agree with Jean Bennetts that the boy at the start of the front row is David Stoddart and I think the boy at the end of the second row from the back is called David Hall. It’s Mary Barrass between Joyce Holligan and Gillian Bone in the second row from the back and Ann Pearce next to Jean on the second row. The boy fourth from the end on the back row is definitely Alan Smith.

    Can also remember getting the cane from Mrs Hutchinson for flicking ink pellets across the classroom – I’m sure the boys started it! I think Mr Allen caned the boys involved and Mrs Hutchinson the girls – I think I got off lightly as she had taught my mother and still remembered her.


  2. List of names brought back memories. Mr Allen was a great teacher. I was Yvonne Hamilton now Swales and living in Gateshead.


  3. Great to see this. Many memories, but rubbish remembering names until they all came back seeing them listed! RAB (Tony) now in Scarborough and PIB (Peter) in Godmanchester. I bet we all have some stories between us!.


  4. Just questioning the date on this photo has it has my brother Stuart on it and he would of been 12 then and would have already left the juniors


  5. Newtown Junior School had an excellent reputation for educating Children before they sat for their 11 + examination. How ever my experience was that I was in the class “C” Stream of no hopers due to the fact that I could barely read or write due to illness keeping me absent from School for over three year prior to the 11 + school Examination. I remember to this day our form teacher Mrs Hutchinson addressing the class” C ” pupils before the examination and advising them to have a days holiday as they had no chance of passing this examination.
    When I look back at this event I feel as though I missed out on one of the major events of a pupils Education. I could not imagine this happening today , I am of the opinion that the greatest event in Secondary Education was when the Comprehensive Schools system was introduced allowing late developers the chance of a University Education denied to many due to the old system of Grammar school elitism, where a few where educated to their full potential where others never ever had his opportunity other than Night School which proved a great educator to those who never managed the Grammar school education. When you think the numbers that went to Grammar School in Stockton was only five pupils in one hundred whereas in Manchester and many southern cities it was twenty Five pupils per one hundred. I have seen cases of the comprehensive pupil reaching the top in so many professions, particularly students from Stockton and District. .

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  6. Great to see this photo- I still have an original – I was Susan Wilton then – now Sue Giddings. I live in Surrey. My sister, Anne Wilton lives in Australia. Think all those names are correct. Mr Allen was a lovely teacher. Anyone from that class picked this link up?


    • Oh wow Sue, I am so excited to hear Anne’s name mentioned. My name was Hazel Thompson (now Steer) and I lived very close by your house in Greylands Avenue in Norton Avenue (Nr the Fiesta club).
      We started at Albany together and I remember lots and lots of laughter with your sister. She was always in love with someone and with her beautiful looks it was usually returned.
      My parents moved to Somerset in 1978 and I have thought of her often. Please tell her I still remember our trip to hexham when she and Julie Mitchison (both in love again) called out A L T (Anne loves Terry) and J L M (Julie loves ?) all through the night in the dorm. Oh Happy Days and lovely memories. xxx


  7. This must have been Mr Allen’s last term at Newtown as he was the first headmaster when Harrow gate junior school opened in September 1963


  8. Back row: Robert Watson, David Goldsbrough, Philip Gatenby, Dennis Burton, Chris Wilson, Kevin Hunter, Alan Smith?, Stuarty McFadzean, Tony Copeland, Keith Chester.
    Next Row: Martin Burgess, Chris Hardy, Olwyn Jones, Ann Galloway, Susan Henderson, Olwyn Dickinson, Joyce Holligan, Mary Pearce?, Gillian Bone, Lorely Blogg, Philip Small, David Stoddart.
    2nd from front: Catherine Aithwaite, Ann Wilton, Susan Wilton, A Pearce,, Jean Bennett, Christine Kemp, Judith Morgan, Margaret Chapman, Linda Rowland, Yvonne Hamilton.
    Front Row: ?, P.I.B. Johnson, Chris Hodgson, R.A.B. Johnson, Malcolm Lloyd. Brian Graystone, Howard Clayton, Richard Boswell, David Campbell, Graham Paxton.


    • Mary Barrass next to Joyce Hollingsworth. I think Anne Pearce. I thought the boy front left was David Stoddart and the centre to right may be David Little?

      Jean Bennetts


  9. Quick memory, right or wrong

    Alan Roberts….David Goldsbrough…Phillips…Burton…Wilson…Alan Smith…Stuart McFadzean. Tony Copeland

    ?????Chris hardy…Olwyn Jones….??? Olwyn Dickinson…Joycs…Brown…Lorelei Blogg …?? …???

    ?…. Wilton1 and 2…? Jean Bennett……..

    PIB Johnson….Chris Hodgson….RAB Johnson Brian…? Campbell ? ??


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