Q6 Steam Locomotives at Billingham Station

t14642 t14643The location of both of them is just to the west of the road bridge.

By Billingham Beck Valley – The first photograph (with the long line of trucks) was taken in 1964. The loco is 63347 and it is pulling the daily Coxhoe to Steetley Magnesite train. This train ran every day except Christmas day. Nice views of Billingham Beck Valley on either side of the railway tracks.

Under Billingham Bridge – In the second photograph, Q6 63437 has just passed under the road bridge with a run rounder. This can be dated precisely to 14th June 1966. Despite the fact that steam locos were on their last legs by then there is still a lonely train spotter sat next to the bridge.

Photographs courtesy of John Hardy, details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

4 thoughts on “Q6 Steam Locomotives at Billingham Station

  1. Hi this may sound mad but my 4 year old son panics when going over this bridge, he shouts repeatedly while over it on the bus on in the car. I took him for a walk down where it is all over grown grass and mud which leads to a river under the bridge, where the train line used to be and he got really upset and almost broke down… I struggles to get him away from there as he was screaming about having to wake up the train… he was also crying and saying that there were dead people… Can anyone share some light on this? I’ve tried researching it and can’t find anything.


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