18 thoughts on “Newtown School Football Team 1955/1956

  1. I cannot assist with the identification of the team, but I am puzzled by some of the omissions. In 1955/56 I was in the first year of the junior section of Newtown School. I can still visualise being mesmerised by the football skills in the playground by a couple of top year pupils, particularly Denis Thwaites who does not appear to be in the photo. Another whom I would have expected to be in the photo is Keith ‘Curly’ Webster (who might have been in the year below Denis). Can anyone enlighten me as to whether I am barking up the wrong tree?
    I note that one of the players has been identified by Eric Harris who was one of my classmates until my family moved from Stockton In August 1958 after three years at Newtown Juniors.


    • Denis Thwaites is the same age as Donny Heath and David Brown who are in this photo, they all played for Stockton Boys Team together, I thought Denis went to Holy Trinity, also Tony Cussons who was a great little footballer was their age, so he would not of been in the first year of the Newtown junior school then.


    • Hello, Trevor Lowes is my Dad, sadly, I never met him as he was killed in an accident shortly before my birth. It is so lovely to see him as a child, do you have any more pictures of him?


  2. The goalkeeper is Bev Keating who was my Brother-in-Law. Good keeper, we had a good team at St. Cuthberts at the time but we couldnt beat these guys !!


  3. I believe that the boy second from the left on the front row is Derek Banbury, who lived on Bilsdale Close. The green in front of the close was the scene of many football and cricket games in the 1950’s


    • Alan, It is Banbury, the boy Back-row 3rd left is David (Butcher Boy) Brown who played right back in the same Stockton Boys Team as Donny Heath which reached the semi-final of the English Schools Shield in about 1960, he got his nickname because his dad had the butchers shop at the junction of Hume St. & Allison St. & the boy 3rd left back-row is Shanks.


  4. Donny Heath with the ball is the ex Norwich City & Swindon Town player, the lad on the left back-row is Tommy Mooney who played for Billingham Synthonia, his son Tommy played for Watford & Birmingham City.


  5. A year or two after my time at Newtown, but I think the big lad in the middle of the back row is Bernie Galloway, in front of him is Donnie Heath who became a professional footballer, and the teacher is Jim Allen.


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