The Queen at Stockton Racecourse c1956

t14653 t14654 t14655HM the Queen at Stockton Racecourse on the 4th June 1956 as Colonel in Chief of the Loyal (North Lancashire) Regiment, Queen Elizabeth II reviewed the 1st Battalion, The Loyals on Stockton Racecourse.  I was attached to the Loyals at the time and that day performed the duty of an usher to the invited guests. Note the cameraman on the roof of the car.

Photographs and details courtesy of James Bridge.

1 thought on “The Queen at Stockton Racecourse c1956

  1. The Loyals at that time were stationed at Deerbolt Camp, Barnard Castle and were preparing for service in Malaya. The move was however delayed by the Suez crisis and did not take place until January 1957.
    The one thousand men comprising the Battalion spent three weeks prior to this parade marching on grass in order to prepare them for Stockton Racecourse. The Commanding Officer was Lt. Col. JWA Stares DSO.


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