Rimswell Manor map c1920


Rimswell Manor is well described by the comments on the house, and surrounding area, but I thought this section of map would make the comments clearer. The map is an OS 6″ map published in 1923 but surveyed earlier.

Image and details courtesy of Peter Edwards.

18 thoughts on “Rimswell Manor map c1920

  1. search old-maps.co.uk .Its an online repository of maps in the uk.
    type in the postcode for manor place TS197HF and it brings up 20 maps to explore and enlarge based on this postcode.There are at least 10 of 1:10,560
    Best are the 1:2,500 1890, 1897,1916,1939,1952-67,1960-61 and you can explore them all for free. They even show the area before the Rimswell manor was built.

    Modern Rimswell Road runs to the right of Lyric lodge, as I said the old track shown going north is in the back gardens of those bungalows at the south end of Rimswell Road, as kids it used to come out on Antrim Avenue. You can trace it in the fence line of the gardens. We used to have a den where Gwynn close is now, you could nip through a garden on Antrim to access the lane. Anyone else remember the Den ?…..
    As i said that other east/west track forms part of the garden of my sons house and can also be traced west in the fence lines between manor place and Fairwell Road on gooogle earth. The 1939 map also shows a well on this track at the back of the manor which is now in the Back garden of the 6th and 7th semi on Fairwell Road, you can see the large “odd” loop in the fence line the same as in the 1939 map.


    • You may be right. I was born in November 1963 at Rimswell Road. My parents bought the house new in late 1962. Up until late 1964 ours was the last house on Rimswell Road when building work temporarily stopped half way up.
      The bus had to turn around and come back up Rimswell Road. The first 3 larger houses on Rimswell Road were the show houses so they would of been built in 1960 or the year before possibly plus some of Fairwell Road. Do you remember them demolishing the manor ?


  2. Rimswell Road area of Fairfield was developed by George Fordy from 1962 onwards.
    Manor place was developed later by another company around 1968.
    The east west track above Rimswell Manor can still be identified on Google earth in the back gardens of manor place and Fairwell road.
    My son lives at 22 Rimswell Road where the track broke out and runs through his garden, It was later added to the deeds when purchased for a nominal fee from the developers of Manor place in 1971. The result is a wider side garden.
    The present Rimswell Road was built 10 meters to the right of the north running track shown on the map.
    This north running track was still visible until about about 1969 when some Bungalows were built on an empty piece of land at the end of Rimswell Road. There used to be a den here as kids.
    This track now forms the back gardens of these bungalows.
    Also the North footpath past St Marks school and through Elmtree is still there.


    • The Western edge of the North South track formed the Western boundary of the farm and ran to Darlington Back Road which formed its Northern boundary.


    • Nearly, but the pub was built on land belonging to Rimswell Manor in the mid fifties before the farm was demolished, which would be about 1958. I remember watching the pub being built from the orchard of the farm. which I believe is denoted by the hatched square on the map, to the NE of the farm buildings
      The small grassed area to the west of the pub was in front of the orchard and the farm buildings were between the western boundary of that and the fence which is now the rear garden boundary of the bungalows to the west of Rimswell Road.


  3. Ian, and the Picture Stockton Team.

    For anyone intersted in mapping (this area, or national) the reference below is a wonderful start point and resource of 6 inch OS maps, and many others. At the start of 2016 a national set of 25 inch OS maps is beling put on line by the National Library of Scotland. Sadly they are working north from the southern counties so we may have to wait a long time for them to reach Durham



  4. This part of the map also nicely shows the location and layout of the wireless Y-station.

    “…at the outbreak of the 1914-18 war, the Royal Navy only possessed one Wireless Telegraphy Station namely that at Stockton-on-Tees.”

    It’s now Boldon House, in the middle of Elm Tree housing estate and can be seen in the background here:

    There is an article by E.W. Sockett in Fortress magazine Feb 1991 about this Y-station.
    (a copy of the article exists in Stockton Library)


    • The Y station was bought in 1927 by my great grand parents, Robert and Margaret Johnston – as a small holding – it remained their family home latterly with two sisters living their until the early 1970s when they sold and moved to a bungalow on the Elm Tree estate. I vaguely remember the need to open the gate off Bishopton Road to get to Boldon House, which now is in the middle of the housing estate


  5. Interesting to see that, would love to see a larger extract of that map! Interesting also to see that Elmtree House was that side of the railway, whereas presumably Elmtree Farm was the other side.


    • A larger view of the map shows that there was no Elmtree Farm, I believe that what is shown as Elmtree House became Elmtree Farm which we always knew as Guys Farm. I vaguely remember the Y Station and what was presumably its associated bungalow which were situated at the back of the Co-op club sports field which is now known the Elmtree Club.
      I lived at the end of Fairfield Road and went to school with Robert Seaton who lived in Lyric Lodge Farm which we only knew as Seatons Farm. We spent many happy days on the farm and can remember the Rimswell Manor, its demolition and the building of the Rimswell Pub.


      • I would imagine then that the name for Elmtree Farm estate was just used as a name by the developers as it (almost!) related to a nearby property.


        • Yes, in fact Hardwick Farm is on the land which forms the Elmtree Estate.
          And, as another example, the building Bishopsgarth was and still is to the west of Harrowgate Lane and not where Bishopsgarth Estate is now.

          Just a further thought, the land on which Elmtree Estate is built May have belonged to Elmtree Farm, because I do vaguely remember a tunnel under the railway somewhere in that area.


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