6 thoughts on “Billingham Campus School c1970

  1. I attended Davy Hall from 1963 to 1966. It was a good School which I remember very well . I took my C.S.E certificate there. Happy Days.


  2. Brunner school when I went there. Place was more like a young offenders detention center rather than a school. Teachers dishing out good hidings left right and center,=other teachers got tortured by the various nutters we had in our year, they must have dreaded the drive into work. The last day said it all about the place, we were all gathered up for a “you’re off into the big wide world now speech” then promptly given the directions to the dole office in the town and how to go about a claim. Loads of us marching into the DHSS for fresh claims.


    • My old school too. Was Mark Bogey your cousin? He was my best friend at Juniors but that all stopped when we grew up at 11 years old!
      I remember you making rice pudding in Domestic Science and it leaking out of your haversack on the way home!
      I don’t think that you will remember me I was a little mouse then
      Stella Robinson nee Rodgers


      • Hi Stella I remember you very well. I’m still in touch by email with Mark Boagey and in fact I saw him just before Christmas. I’m still in touch with old Bede Hallians such as John Hugill and Steve Richardson. Your memory about the rice pudding is all too accurate I’m afraid. It put me off rice pudding for life.


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