5 thoughts on “K6 Telephone Kiosk, Norton c1987

  1. I have seen several of these booths in Canada over the years since they became an item. I am old enough to recall the celebration of the Silver Jubilee, when I lived in Billingham. School children were presented with a “silver” medal, and street parties were organised and enjoyed.
    Even the familiar telephone instrument itself has become but a memory in public places from what I recall, with i-phones and smart-phones “glued” to an ear.


    • Taken down Sarah because contrary to belief it was an Elm not an Oak. My wife and I drove up the High Street only to be stopped by workmen who had it on the floor in no time, they cut it up and on to a truck because Dutch Elm Disease had made it unsafe. Your Dad Ken and I spent hours on the old circular iron seat, putting the world to rights, watching the Bombers fromm Goosepool gathering before flying off to Germany and holding hands with sweethearts, or watching kids fall in the pond. Happy days in spite of the war.


    • Norton Hall and Norton House were two different houses. Norton House was between the Friends Meeting House and what became Bradbury Road after Norton House was demolished which I actually saw 1934-35, four new houses facing the Green were built on the spot. The grounds for Norton House ran back over most of the land that estate built by Kendrew was on. A wall running from the Green to Lancefield Road on the left down Beaconsfield Road is original and was once one wall of the orchard for Norton House.
      Norton Hall had been taken over by ICI and was on the South side of the Green between what was then the cart track to Beaconsfield Street and the Duck pond. There were some cottages either side and Toulson’s the Butcher’s Slaughter house on the corner with the High Street. I lived in Mill Lane with what we then called the Redwing Lane area up the lane it was mainly ICI Managers and Engineers, who with their wives would walk down to the club in Norton Hall, some of the wives in dresses made by my Mother and as they passed whispering in my ear “she has not paid for that yet”. They had cars though on fine nights they would walk, the Hall was also a temporary Hotel for ICI staff coming up from London as well as a place for meetings. Many years later when I was Staff at ICI we had the chance to join the club, they must have needed to make up members, some did join I did not, now it is broken into flats, some quite posh ones and they all have the use of the beautiful gardens at the back.
      ICI also owned most of the large houses on Norton High Street from the Green to the old tram sheds.


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