7 Mandale Road, Thornaby – the inside story!

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Like many people I had passed this building many times but it wasn’t until the fascia board was removed that it caught peoples attention as well as my own. On a recent visit I was allowed access to the building, actually four separate buildings which have been knocked into one, and once inside they seem ‘Tardis’ like as they are gradually being converted into student accommodation. Internally they have been gutted but I was told that very few original features remained due both to the previous owners and vandalism while the buildings have remained empty for several years. The roof has leaked and dampness can be seen on many of the uppers walls and ceilings and a horrible post-war concrete roof extension to the rear is also the cause of water ingress into the fabric of the building. As can be seen in the close-up photographs the window frames fronting onto Mandale Road are reproduction copies as is the door in Frederick Street but the fascia boards and finials are original and the new owners hope to save and restore these to their former glory.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

5 thoughts on “7 Mandale Road, Thornaby – the inside story!

  1. I lived in 45 Mandale Road. That’s Pumphreys main office in Archer St, you can see the 3 sugar loaves hanging – their symbol


  2. Hi David, Great to see the inside, shame about the condition and that the upper bay windows won’t be re-instated. Glad to hear the frontage is to be restored, but doubt that includes the revealed sign writing? Just as well we’ve got some pictures.


    • Jonathan

      I’m sure the owner said that they were going to paint-in the sign and leave it in situ? If you are passing there is a small office portacabin in the back yard, knock on the door and ask as they were very friendly and helpful.


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