5 thoughts on “Q6 Locos, Fuswick Bridge

  1. In the first photo you can see some houses on the left behind the train that is Alverston Road, I was living there around that time with my parents, saw some great trains pass along there, North Star was one I remember very well it was one of the last ones to mark in my Combine.


  2. That is probably me sat on the railings by myself near the ice cream van. I spent ages train spotting at this point from 1965 to 1976, as I lived close by. I remember the ice cream van very well, it was often parked at this spot resting between tours of the local estates. Behind it is the burned out mysterious wreck of what appeared to be a house, and as kids we often played in it. The kids rumour was that somebody died or was murdered there, but I never did find out the truth about this black charred, isolated building. I remember both Q6 locomotives well, they survived to almost to the end of steam in Stockton in 1967, well 63407 did according to my train log book. The main signals in view were controlled by Stockton Bank signal box, and the sound of shunting and endless freight trains on a night kept one awake. Today there is just deep silence on the line. Maybe this can be taken as one measure of the decline in industrial economic performance.


  3. Yes a great photo, the Q6 has just passed Stockton Bank’s down starter signal with Norton South’s distant signal showing caution below. When Stockton Bank closed it just became the distant signal for Norton South.


  4. The new bridge was placed in position June, 1965. Stockton Bank signal box, behind 63397, was closed and removed C1967. With the closure of the goods yards, the box, which controlled the northern outlet from the yards was no longer needed. Very interesting photographs.


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