8 thoughts on “Diagram of Bowesfield Track c1984

  1. I’ve quite a number of photos I took around 1981 of Bowesfield – the signal box itself, and a lot of the signals and junctions that it controlled at that time.
    Happy to post if anyone would like to view?


  2. Great picture.
    It took me a while to work it out but let me see if I have got this right; top left is line to Darlington, bottom left to Yarm, Top right to Stockton and bottom right is Bowesfield box and on to Thornaby?


      • Thanks Gordon. Interesting then that what looks like a single line to Stockton Wharf and the original terminus of the S&D cannot be reached directly from the remaining S&D from Eaglecliffe.


  3. I see the sidings to the concrete sleeper works at Allens West and the RNSPDC are still in situ. It is also interesting to see the four track layout between Eaglescliffe Station and where Stockton Cut Jn is now. The layout has certainly experienced a radical rationalisation since 1985 with only a two line formation and the junction now closer to Stockton. The layout as shown is the one I remember when I was a driver at Gateshead Shed and worked trains round the Coast Line.


    • before then the four lines ran all the way to the leeds northern and there were two independents that ran from stockton cut and led to the up and down goods at bowesfield


  4. They are track lights Fred, they light up when a train passes over that particular section of track so that you are aware of where each train is at any given moment.


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