Trains near North Shore

t15096 t15097These photographs were taken in the marshalling yards at North Shore, the gas works can be seen in the background. In one of the photographs you can see North Shore signal box and also what looks like another signal box in the freight yards. Can anyone help with its identity?
For the record the locos are K1’s nos.62045 and 62044 taken in January 1967.

Photographs and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

7 thoughts on “Trains near North Shore

  1. great photos Garth the small signal box was the north end of Stockton yard hump shunting box the row of buildings in front of it were the shunters mess room a ambulance room and other offices. There was a similar box at the south end of the yard for another hump and control of traffic from the receptions this was almost below the long foot bridge and almost in front of primrose hill signal box which Alan B describes as a pretty little box and it might have looked it but its location almost underneath the footbridge and jammed up against the gasworks wall made it a dirty location, I have a photo of the southend box which I will post, lovely moody shots Garth keep them coming.


    • Thank you for the help with identifying the box. I remember the hump at Stockton, standing on the bridge over Primrose Hill box when I was a lad and watching what I think was a T1 shunting long lines of wagons.


  2. A British Rail Signalbox Opening Hours document for August 1961 lists the boxes in order as; Hartburn, Bishopton Lane, Primrose Hill, North Shore and Stockton Bank.


  3. I also remember that this yard building was known locally as ‘Stockton Yard’. The pretty little box called Primrose Hill was just off the north end of the station by the long footbridge over the south end of the yard. The document ‘Supplementary Notice of Signal Alterations from Sunday 18 November 1973 between Bowesfield and Stockton North Shore’ is available on the internet and contains a detailed diagram of tracks/point numbers, signal/signal numbers, junctions, open and recently closed signal box locations (including Primrose Hill and Hartburn Lane, but no Stockton Yard box is mentioned) and section distances for the noted route. However by 1973 the track infrastructure was a lot simpler than in 1967.


  4. The signal cabin in the goods yard was just called ‘Stockton Yard.’
    North Shore box was the nearest to where I lived in Chadburn Road. On Sundays when the box was open for diverted traffic from the repairs to the Newcastle to Darlington main line, I used to sit with the signalman and play draughts.


    • Thanks for the information about the box. I had a cousin who lived in Chadburn Road and we used to ‘bunk’ the shed at North Shore in the late 1950’s. What memories


  5. The other signal box could be Primrose Hill. For information the two locomotives were allocated to West Hartlepool shed at the time of the photograph. 62045 was transferred to Tyne Dock on the 01/07/1967 and 62044 was withdrawn and scrapped on the 02/07/1967.


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