6 thoughts on “Leven Bridge c1950s

  1. Hello. I just wondered if anyone has any photos of the holiday huts at Leven Bank, my mother used to holiday in the huts as a child in the 30s then owned a hut in the 50s, she would love to see a photo of that place as it held so many fond memories. A lady called Mary owned a shop at Leven Bridge in the 30s, does anyone know her surname and anything more about her (as Mum remembers her too) Many thanks.


  2. THE RIVER LEVEN, rises on Warren Moor, near Kildale, North Yorkshire, (these are the hills overlooking Great Ayton) it flows downwards towards Great Ayton, then flows through Stokesley, Hutton Rudby, Crathorne and Middleton-on-Leven, then changing direction towards Leven Bridge and Yarm, the Leven River joins the River Tees at Yarm. Local anglers know that it contains trout, roach, chub and dace in the pool situated behind the Cross Keys pub.

    Due to a Weir on the Leven section of the river built during the Industrial Revolution, migratory fish have been missing from the river, in 2011, the Environment Agency was able to announce the return of spawning salmon to the river for the first time in 150 years. An interesting question is: When does a large stream such as the River Leven become a river? A stream is a body of running water, all rivers are fed by smaller streams. By definition, a stream becomes a river according to its volume, it could well be that the Leven stream and beck, is inaccurately referred to locally as a river?


  3. It’s very sad that people can’t enjoy Leven as we used to as children and young teens lots of generations have used the river waterfall and little beach for fishing swimming and general relaxation but now houses and fences stop all this.


    • Access to Leven Beach commenced around 1954 when this site changed hands, the ban started with Sandy Bottom situated 100 yards away when, following the erection of a small bungalow ‘in the dip, a substantial barbed wire fence was erected there, this ‘no entry ban’ was then extended to Leven itself when a gate was placed across the entrance way. There were rumours about litter, noise and boisterous behaviour by youths. Apart from this visitors had dropped off with the arrival of national television, the shop shut, and very few people wanted to walk the 2 miles there and back when there was something good on TV. Looking back one wonders why on earth did anyone go there? and the water source from the Wilton to Ayton area and the River Tees was not ideal.


  4. Spent many happy hours here cycling from Thornaby with friends & fishing for tiddlers. Never did master riding your bike uphill on the return journey. Sometimes we would carry on to Yarm & spent time there on the banks of the river. Then onto RAF Middleton St George sit by the roadside watching the aircraft, be it Javelins, Vampires, Meteors & later Hawker Hunters of of the Blue Diamonds aerobatic team 92 Sqn. Happy days


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