Angel Room, Portrack Grange, Stockton c1950s

The ‘Angel Room’ which was part of the Portrack Grange cottages is believed to have been a Georgian tavern used by sea captains. The cottages stood on the bend of the River Tees before cuts were made to straighten the river. The plaster-work seen in the photographs is dated early to mid-18th century. The buildings were possibly some of the first brick buildings in Stockton (c1660s) and were apparently demolished c1959.

5 thoughts on “Angel Room, Portrack Grange, Stockton c1950s

  1. I won the history prize at school (Newham Grange Secondary). I graduated in History from the OU. Not surprisingly, I weep when I learn about of the historical evidence we have thrown away as inconvenient. Read the words in the description of these photos, “Portrack Grange Cottages… a Georgian tavern… sea captains… mid-18th century plaster-work. Sacrificed for the sake of a straight river when I was 19, too young to value these things and those who should done – didn’t.


    • Yeah, The Angel Room, thankfully someone did realize the importance of this place and managed to capture a few images of the place, now unfortunately lost forever.


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