Bridge Road, Stockton c1896

t15418This snapshot c1896 taken outside the Alexandra Hotel on Bridge Road looking across the Victoria Bridge to Thornaby is full of interesting detail.
On the right the offices of a short lived newspaper, The Stockton and Thornaby News, proprietor Hall Smith of Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough which went into liquidation in 1898.
A sign by the lane far right marks the Hide Skin and Tallow plant which was probably further down by the river. At the entrance workmen appear to be laying cables. The tram generating plant was also on this site further back.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Smith.

11 thoughts on “Bridge Road, Stockton c1896

  1. I cycled over this bridge every day in the late fifties travelling to work at Head Wrightsons. The pub was still the Alexandra then but the building opposite was a hardware company called Foster Brothertons, I think. Please tell me if I have remembered correctly. There was certainly no street lights in the middle of the road – or was there?


  2. I can remember that the firm over the bridge on the right hand side was Thornaby Electrics, wish was there in 1964, a company that my employers did business with. I also remember Boathouse Lane opposite the Teessider where I worked, which was A.D.S. Martin, a Vauxhall garage servicing cars and also Body repairs. They also had the car showroom on Bridge Road where I also worked.


    • Hi Sandra, I worked for Ads Martins trucks in Boathouse Lane, I was a mechanic. Brian English was the service manager, Ken was in charge of the bodyshop. Ken Metcalfe, Ken McClintock, Peter Swales, Wack was a storeman there, Eddie Norton was the manager. I used to work for Sherwood’s aged 15 Tower Street Chapel, they had car sales and stores on Bridge Road. Later to become Martins. Happy times, I now have a garage at Yarm. Derek.


  3. I believe that the hotel on the front left eventually became the Teessider public house. I used to go there on Tuesday nights in the early 70’s, (I think it was on Tuesday nights) when local bands would get together. The Police, Stings band, turned up occasionally and play there before they became famous.


  4. The picture is dated circa 1896 however were the buildings still present until more recent times? I ask because I can remember both the hotel and the buildings across the road, certainly late 60’s early 70’s, but I can’t remember the far buildings in use.


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