7 thoughts on “A view from Maxwells Corner c1900

  1. A lovely view of the High Street my trouble being I remember it like that. The trams had gone but the stone paves were still there until well after the war. We went into town from that end on the “0” bus or walking to the picture houses, the hippodrome first house live acts or the market. Later it was to school through the Town until sixteen then Dance Halls so the picture was implanted in my brain. Some shop fronts changed though most new alterations and building took place after the war most of it well after nearly thirty years plus the latest alterations of course.
    It was our town then hiding many ills under its fancy facades but still suiting our needs and possibly expectations, after all the brave new world could only come after the war. It did come not all were happy about that, my children and grandchildren love it now as I did then and still do, their needs are far different to mine, we make our place enjoy it and then move on, such is life.


  2. A wonderful photograph taken one late sunny afternoon. The shafts of sunlight from right to left across the road indicate where lost alleyways were. Has anyone seen a longer ladder and has a building on the left been demolished to provide a wider entrance to Church Row?


  3. Very interesting to see the High Street from this end, a possibly difficult shot against the light, as the photographer is looking south.
    This is intriguing for me as I have a “Godfrey” edition map of “Stockton on Tees & Thornaby 1897” on the back of which is an extract from Wards Directory.
    This shows that No.1 the High Street (The Talbot?) had Crisp J, Innkeeper and Bonner A, Manager, possibly my great uncle Albert? Is there anyway of finding more information?


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