Oxbridge Lane Juniors Football Team

My dad was born in 1925 so I believe this picture was taken c1936/37 when he was about 11 years old. Back Row (l-r): Joe Murphy and Harold Harison. 3rd row (l-r): Arthur Brookes, Wilf Chadfield, Billy Bradley, Les Fox, Les Gommersall. 2nd row (l-r): Dennis Noble, Bob Beaumont (captain), Kenny Harrison. Front row (l-r): Les Holborn and Dapper Hobday.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Brookes.

5 thoughts on “Oxbridge Lane Juniors Football Team

  1. I started school in Sept.1939, Oxbridge Infants. I can remember watching the “Big Boys” team playing at Grosvenor Road in their Arsenal strip, so I think the team is the 15 year old one. I can recall one of the star players, Noble lived in Eton Road. I think the Brookes family lived round about Sheraton Street, the Beauments similar, and the Hobdays near to Carr Street. Atchie used to encourage all us young kids playing football in the Oxbridge Streets. He later used to cycle to work at Sparks Bakery, passing where I lived and always had a cheery Hello.


  2. My dad was Arthur “Atchie” Brookes. He died 3 yrs ago, aged 88. 3 of his brothers, Victor, Leslie & Jack, were all good footballers, so was their dad, George Bradley Brookes. The dad played for the forerunners of Stockton FC, I’ve put a couple of photos of that team on Picture Stockton.


  3. I think the photo is probably early forties, I do know some of the family names from the Oxbridge area, and remember Atchie Brookes who worked at Sparks Bakery


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