10 thoughts on “Lockwood’s, Silver Street c1985

  1. This is a great picture, the Range Rover in the corner of picture, is one of my cars (which currently been restored).
    It was previously owned my Mr Lockwood.
    If any one has any other pictures or contacts for the Lockwood family, please message me.


  2. If my memory serves me correctly, before opening his own business, Percy Lockwood worked in Tylers shoe shop on the High Street. I was at school with his son Tony Lockwood.


  3. An excellent shoe shop with great customer service. I seem to remember a branch opened in Roseworth Shops run by Tony? Lockwood.


      • Sad to hear about Tony Lockwood. I often enjoyed a chat with him whilst my wife was trying on a myriad of the shoes in his shop before buying some. I remember chatting to him when he was in the Roseworth shop where he told me he thought his father had made a mistake opening up on the shopping parade. Always felt you were given a great service by him and the staff whatever you were buying.


  4. Circa 1957-60 there was a small shop in Silver Street or Bishop Street. It was on the north side of the street and not far from the bottom. The proprietor was a small elderly man and he had made a complete full size replica of the Crown Jewels. They were on display in the shop window and he told me that they had been to an exhibition in London. Does anyone remember the shop and/or know what happened to those ‘Crown Jewels’?


  5. Lovely to see a photo of my Uncle Percy outside his shop. I used to work there when I was 15 as a Saturday girl. Pam Painter (nee Dinsdale), Glasgow.


    • I used to buy my son’s shoes at your uncle’s shop. Service was really good and it was a lovely shop. Something to be very proud of.


  6. Always great service at Lockwoods. Always put the customer first. I bought many pair of Tricker & Loake shoes. Best investment my feet ever had!!!


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