7 thoughts on “Norton High Street

  1. Hi Roy I agree with your estimate of the early 70s although I am no car buff. Norton hasn’t changed much with one notable exception, it has more public houses and restaurants. Since the Highland Lad became a Wetherspoons and renamed the Highland Laddie a couple of new bars have opened which includes a couple of micro brewery pubs. Norton is, as some people put it the new Yarm. Many people now visit Norton in preference to Stockton which has gone downhill since its nightlife heydays in the 70s and 80s of which I have fond memories.


  2. I would say mid to early sixties, taking into consideration the vehicles and the Honda 50 and the Vauxhall looks in to good a condition to be much later as they never had in those days a good reputation before the they suffered from rot.


  3. Judging by the cars, this photo could be around the early 1970s. I am sure car-buffs will put me right. What this shot does is reminds us what a delightful area Norton is. No wonder it was popular with those doing evening classes in water-colour art. Should I ever return to Teesside, Norton would be on my list. I hope it hasn’t changed much. Perhaps other commentators can confirm if my hope is valid.


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