7 thoughts on “Staff v Girls Hockey Match, Grangefield Grammar School

  1. To the right of the goalie is Miss Wright, taught Religious Knowledge, then Miss McDermid, home economics?, then Miss June Teasdale, mathematics teacher. Did Mr. Almond teach art class? The chap on the front left I think taught English. I left Grangefield in 1959 so not sure if I am remembering correctly.


    • I thought that the teacher on the left was Mr Hodgson (John) who taught English rather than Mr Casson, who taught geography. Mr and Mrs Almond were both art teachers. The teacher seated on the right of first row looks like Me Lewis (Robert).


  2. I was school games captain and this was the last staff v school 1X1 match I organised.
    Memory fading but top row last right is Elizabeth Pirie.
    2nd row L-R: Virginia Moody, Penny ?, Carol Lowther, Stella Clark, Marjorie ?, Sandra Brownlee, me – Evelyn Thomas (now Ripley), Pat Haggerstone.
    Front staff, L-R: ?, Shirley Atkinson (nee Angus), Dorothy Coates (nee Davies), Mr Bassett (I later taught with him at Bede Hall, Billingham), ?, Marion Burdon, Miss Teasdale, ?, ?.
    Mr Nutall is front right.
    Happy days!


  3. I think Miss Simpson immediately behind Mr Nuttall and Miss Coates PE teacher third from left behind Mr Casson??


  4. I think the teacher was called Bassett as he taught us at Bede Hall Billingham. Needless to say his nickname was Bertie.


  5. Think the two guys on the floor are the geography teachers Mr Casson and Mr Nuttall from rooms 9 and 10. The goalie I think was a Mr Bassham or something – think he was history from the lecture room upstairs. Don’t recognise any of the others but probably remember their names if I read them.


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