The Queen, Norton Road c1977

The Queen was visiting Stockton for her Silver Jubilee Year – I think it was July 1977. Taken on Norton Road, near Hallifield Street, they show the crowds waving at the approaching car, and the second is the Queen and Prince Philip as they passed by.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alec Moody.

4 thoughts on “The Queen, Norton Road c1977

  1. I remember that visit. I saw her passing the duck pond on Norton Green. I was stood outside Paterson’s newsagents.


  2. Drove past me and my young family that day without a glances we were standing on central reservation opposite Fieldfare Lane almost within touching distance of her majesty – waiting ages for the privilege of seeing our Queen – she stared straight ahead with a face like stone – I was disappointed for my young daughters – what a letdown. I said that day if that’s our Royalty they can keep it.


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