Widdecombe Fair, Oxbridge Lane School c1958/59

Oxbridge Lane School performing Widdecombe Fair c1958/59.

Keith Instone, Tony Evans, Brian Dunning, Robert Mackenzie, Terry Kent, David Kirby, Alan Emmerson, Malcolm Simcox, Kenneth Lyons, Terry Robinson, Douglas Duff, Ian Richardson, Billy Kemp, John Murray, Brian Turner, David Weatherill, Peter Chicken, John Clegg, David Pollock, Peter Blair, Alan Stainsby, Peter Dovaston?, John Bolan, Geoffrey Hodson, Gordon Robson, Tony Pottage.

10 thoughts on “Widdecombe Fair, Oxbridge Lane School c1958/59

  1. Well remember being the front of the horse in this production!
    Have met a few of these classmates over the years, including Kenny Lyons who worked as a Prison Officer for many years.
    Often wondered what happened to Brian Turner who was considered to be the brightest pupil this school ever had. I know he went to Grangefield Grammar and then to one of the leading Universities. If he picks up on this, or if anyone knows of his whereabouts, then I would love to hear from him, or indeed from any of you. The team will supply my email address.
    Gordon Robson.


    • Well remember being the a… end of the horse to your front end Gordon!! Brings back some memories and quite a coincidence as for the last twenty years I have lived about 8 miles from Widdecombe on the southern slopes of Dartmoor. Brian Turner ended up going to Oxford and Tony Pottage to Edinburgh Uni – I ended up at Cambridge. Great to hear from you after all these years.


  2. I’m sure that Valerie was Malcolm’s sister. My brother John (Metcalfe) went to school with some of these boys. I went to the girls school.


    • T’other one says that Malcolm’s sister was Ann. T’other one’s sister, Marion, kept in touch with her, until Ann unfortunately died about ten years ago.


  3. John Murray, the boy at the back extreme right, was my late brother. Sadly died 12 years ago. This must have been taken in the last year of juniors before he went on to Richard Hind.


    • Peter Chicken had two sisters. Valerie older than Peter and Nancy younger. They lived in Oxbridge and attended Grangefield Grammar School.


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