6 thoughts on “Class 3a, Norton Board School c1957

    • Now there is a blast from the past, Jowet Javelin. Flat four engine with the radiator behind the engine up against the scuttle as against the usual in front behind the grill, A meadows gearbox I had worked on Meadows engines in Armoured Vehicles.
      My C.O. asked me to go down to Hampshire to his house and bring back his Jowet, I had never heard of them but anything for a break from Tanks. Arriving at his house his wife fed and watered me and introduced me to the car, she could not drive but loved the car. I duly set off back to Catterick no motorways then 1950’s and had to map read my way back no Sat Nav either. I fell in love with that car, hydraulic brakes instead of the usual rod and cable, it motored at a good speed 50-60mph steadily with the odd burst of 70mph, not often I did not want to break it plus the roads were not up to it.
      Getting back the C.O. asked how it had gone, I told him I nearly went on the Scotland I enjoyed it so much. Good he said I am selling it having just bought an Armstrong Siddeley, I got to drive that as well. We had some beautiful drivers cars back then.

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  1. If the headmaster was Pop Corner you have every right to remember… He had a big leather strap off a railway carriage window, have to say I felt the benefit of it a few times….

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  2. Another posting from my long lost cousin!. I was in the class a couple of years below and only stayed at Norton High Street for a year or two. My only memory of my time there was being sent to stand outside the headmaster’s study after having been chased by my cousin, how odd little things stay with you!


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