19 thoughts on “Unknown – any ideas?

  1. I think we’ve established this is a view of Victoria Recreation Ground, Thornaby, as mentioned by others, the fine looking Methodist Church was replaced (late 50’s/early 60’s). It looks like building on Victoria Road is still to be completed, which ties in with the 1909 postcard date. I like the wavy-edged straight paths, at a glance they looked like a water feature, shame they’ve gone.

    Just in case there’s still any doubt about the location, it can be seen, with the wavy paths and Methodist Church intact, here (1949):


  2. Could it be the the Thornaby rec? Viewed with Peel Street to the left and Park Terrace at the bottom… Victoria Road to the right and Cromwell Terrace at the top?
    I realise that Victoria Road would have had to have major rebuilds to have its length extended. There was an old church in the position shown in this picture. Just guessing.


  3. In fact the path on the right was the scene of me falling of my bike and cutting my elbow just the day before the Queens Jubilee parade in Middlesbrough in 77!!


  4. David Thompson you are correct. The photo looks to be taken from a house in Park Terrace. I played in the rec. as a child. I used to live in Peel Street 1940 – 1050. I can remember flying a kite in here. Also about 3 bonfires on bonfire night. Happy times.


  5. My old postcard of this view has the title ‘The Park, Thornaby-on-Tees.’ and it bears the postmark Sept. 21 1909. It was known as the Victoria Recreation Ground and is bordered by Peel St., Park Terrace, Victoria Rd. and Cromwell Terrace. It is still in existence although the Primitive Methodist Church seen here was replaced by a modern building some years ago.


    • This is the Thornaby recreation ground probably photographed soon after it opened on one surmises on completion of the work. The main gates and entrance way are 150 yards up on the left almost out of sight. The pond you see disappeared after the war and the concrete base of it was left, which when it rained filled with water to a depth of 2″. The concrete path shown was eventually tarmacked over and it was never an attractive feature of this park. In the 1950s park benches were installed. I cannot remember the church which appears in the background adjacent to the corner of Stanley Grove. I recall an Old Folks centre was built in 1955? in the top left-hand corner at the behest of Miss Lillian Goodhall, M.B.E, the former school mistress of the National School, George Street (transferred to Westbury St School when the National was closed and demolished). The most attractive feature of this park was the cast iron railings which are still there today. At a guess, I would date this photo 1920, to celebrate the homecoming of Thornaby WW1 troops, many of whom had been injured and disabled.


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