Billingham C of E School, 1952

This is one of a number of images loaned to me by Pamela Botcherby, her father was headmaster at the Church school on Billingham Green from 1947 until about 1960.

Back Row: Arthur McAleery, Peter Shiel, David Appleyard, Derick Coyle, Lorraine Angel, David Worrell.

Middle Row: John Gibbons, Donald Lee, Michael Garside, John Harrison, David Allison, Ian McLaine, Eric Langford, Roy Sigsworth, Michael Lampton.

Front Row: David Robinson, Olive Buckley, Wendy Oughton, -?- Craggs, Ann Fishburn, Hilary Fletcher, Betty Stafford, Pamela Botcherby, Pauline Ayles, Margery Wood, Peter Moon. The teacher is Miss Win Gibson.

As you can see there is only one name not known, it may be that somebody may know this young lady…

Courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

4 thoughts on “Billingham C of E School, 1952

  1. Arthur McAleery should be Arthur McAleer, Lorraine Angel should be Lawrence Angel.
    Some of the names I can’t remember even though I was there but you have nearly all of them correct. I don’t know how many are left it would be nice to know. I was 8 years old I’m 75 now still in Billingham.


  2. Miss Gibson was a teacher at the infant school. I was in the same class with Pam at the School on the Green which Mrs. Botcherby taught. I’m Margaret Randall. We immigrated to Canada in 1954.

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  3. Good day Mr Coleman,

    The young lady you couldn’t name is my next door neighbour’s elder sister Ann Cragg’s also in the picture Olive Buckley lives in Norton and my sister Margorie Wood sadly she passed away 15 years ago. If you need any info about any of the other people I’m afraid all my knowledge is from the era up to the mid sixty’s and is very limited.

    Peter Wood

    PS if you need to contact me Picture Stockton archive have my e-mail


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  4. I can be quite specific as to the location of this photograph. It was taken at Billingham C of E school as you say, which was located in Chapel Road opposite nos 44/46. I should know, I lived in 44 and also attended this school from 1949 to 1951. I have a photo taken in exactly the same spot (which has already been published on Picture Stockton) but with Miss Liverseed in attendance. She was headmistress. Hope this is of some use.
    Ian Russell.


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