LMS Tank No. 42477 at Jacksons Bakery c1964

An ex LMS tank no. 42477 with passenger train headed for Darlington. The photograph was taken on the 18th July, 1964 at Jacksons Bakery which used to be in Yarm Road between Stockton and Eaglescliffe. I believe there is a garden centre there now. The railway used to have four tracks, two for Stockton and two for Thornaby. Now there are just two tracks with the Stockton and Thornaby lines diverging near to where the photograph was taken with the A66 dual carriageway crossing the lines nearby.

Photograph and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

4 thoughts on “LMS Tank No. 42477 at Jacksons Bakery c1964

  1. Yes it is empty coaching stock. I didn’t notice the headlamp. Some of the carriages look old, perhaps pre-1950. With the date being July, they could be going to form excursion sets, although scrapping of carriages by private firms was becoming common by the mid 1960’s. Just burn the accommodation, and leave the steel under carriage for the burners.


  2. Probably standing in for a failed DMU. 42477 was a Darlington (51A) engine at this time. It was a much travelled locomotive. Built in July 1937, it had been allocated to a number of sheds, including Newton Heath, Goole, Starbeck and Darlington. Built for the LMS, by William Stanier, it migrated with a number of others of the class (4MT),to the North Eastern region of British Railways in the late 1940’s after nationalisation. 42477 had exactly a year of life left when this photograph was taken. It was withdrawn in July 1965. The class was much liked, and did not finally succumb until mid 1967, out lasting many British Railways built tank locomotives, built in the 1950’s.


  3. There is still a bakery on Yarm Road near the intersection with the A66. It belongs to Warburtons and is it possible that they took over what had been Jacksons? It was certainly in use by Warburtons when I stayed in the Premier Inn opposite, in September 2016.


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