West Row, Stockton c2017

Again rather like North Street these are a 1985 to 2017 comparison and although Russell the printers is now the UVS barbers shop there has been little change except for the windows and the lack of a chimney pot! The adjacent block on the corner of Ship Inn Yard is interesting with seemingly very little or no restoration of the first building and the former (?) SBC office still having it’s lifting or davit arm in place which doubt was once used to haul stock up to the first floor?
The buildings with Dobson the glass merchant to one end looks to be of the same period although in a poorer condition but has the addition of a third floor and a Georgian box window. Interestingly this area is now home to several wine bars and micro-breweries and is being dubbed as Stocktons Cultural Quarter so perhaps these buildings may still have the chance of a future after all?

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

1 thought on “West Row, Stockton c2017

  1. Those Photographs bring back some great memories, I knew it as it once was a thriving area of industry on one hand and outlets for every kind of sales goods. I left School RHS just before Christmas 1944 to work at Browns Sheet Iron and Wire Works on Prince Regent Street, next to Maddox Mill which went through to West Row and took up a good part of the street on the west side. The Fire Station also went through from Prince Regent Street to the main section in West row. Browns stock yard was on Ramsgate as was the Green Tree pub our local watering hole where if we were black (no works showers then) and in overalls they did not ask our age as we slaked a metal dust covered dry throat after a half shift.
    Prince Regent Street was a blank end at the bottom then and Rea’s Casting Foundry took up most of the buildings to where the Dobson glass building is now and could well have been Rea’s offices though that would need checking. There was also another Sheet Iron Works along that side and both they and Rea’s faced onto West Row and Prince Regent Street. West Row had Ships Chandlers tool stores and what we would now call DIY stores though back then they were places you could buy a nail or a boiler. A lot of my Apprentice tools came from there, we had to buy our own and allowed to make our own tool box which was basically an apprentice test piece, wired edges properly made hinges and containing shelves for different sized tools. We bought the tools and Arthur Brown deducted it from our wage of 13/4 (thirteen shillings and four pence). He never did and as we were on piece work from the start our real wage was nearer £3 almost what a labourer got.
    There was a small bakery run by two ladies the best bread ever, shops in Ramsgate sold many kind of goods, it was a very busy area as people lived in and around those streets. As with much of the Town it had its day through the war and a good while after to become a derelict place and car park, it makes me sad to see it but you cannot dim the memories of what it once was.


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