4 thoughts on “Handley Page Victor Bomber

  1. Victors and Vulcans used to fly in so regularly to Middleton St George, that one took them for granted. I guess that even if they were not stationed there they were among those bombers deployed around the country to react to the four minute warning. That is, the time it would take to first detect missiles from Russia, to them hitting Britain. Hence Middleton St George would be a prime target.

    Furthermore, I always thought that Teesside would be a first strike target from one just one firing of a missile, sent over to teach the UK Government on what side its bread was buttered. Teesside was an area of considerable industrial importance, with a sizeable population, but far enough away from bigger areas. And being close to the east coast radioactive pollution would be blown out to sea.


    • You are right we had a tour of the nuclear bunker at York and we were near the top of the target list. If you get the chance to have a tour it is one of most spine chilling ever


  2. Well this is interesting. The Victors were based at RAF Cottesmore in the late 50s. The station I was demobbed from in 1958. I remember our billet was close to the end of the runway. One of their favourite exercises was circuit & bumps in the middle of the night. Noisy whining engines if I remember correctly.

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  3. I’m pretty sure that this is the ‘At Home’ Battle Of Britain Airshow on the 15 September 1962? The aircraft is Handley Page Victor B Mark 2 XL191 which survived in service until 1986. Quite an appropriate photo given that September is the traditional Battle Of Britain month and that this Sunday, the 17th September, Stockton will be holding it’s annual Battle Of Britain memorial service at the Cenotaph and Parish Church.
    “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

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