Stephenson Hall School Magazine 1961

These are two pages from a Billingham school magazine, I am sure there will be many people who remember the companies who advertised in these pages.
The magazine contains an editorial, a letters page, some photographs, articles written by pupils and a couple of quizzes, I think it is an excellent example of social history and well worth reading.

Download the complete magazine in PDF format

My thanks go to Mike Atherton who loaned me the magazine. Details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

5 thoughts on “Stephenson Hall School Magazine 1961

  1. Were these magazines given to every pupil? I attended Stephenson hall from 1959 until 1961, and can’t recall ever having one. I do remember Caygills in Windleston Road. If every pupil was given one, it would have resulted in a good local spread of advertising.


  2. Yes, I have the same one. Caygills newsagent must have been the biggest supplier of delivered newspapers in the country, an absolute goldmine.


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