11 thoughts on “Peel Street Church, Thornaby

  1. Peel Street Methodist Church is where I was baptized in 1954 on the 26th September, by John W Sparzo [if the surname is interpreted correctly?]. A short walk from our home in Oxford Road in those days. The church Sunday School gave me my first birthday greetings card, a picture of a young boy playing with a colourful ball. Growing up through the early years was being actively involved in bible class and the Life Buoys. My mother [Joan Mary] attended church regularly, as this was a large part of socializing with friends and participating in church charities, there I use to lend a hand with her under supervision. There was a mothers union group that she attended.


  2. I found out my great grandad lived in Haverton Hill, John Ashley he died in the battle Somme. My nanna was Emily Ashley and my great nanna Emily Ashley they lived on Elm Street…


  3. Hi. Does any one remember me or my dad. I am Sandra Dover. Dad was Tommy Dover. He worked at Head Wrightsons. I went to Robert Atkinson school.


  4. I lived on Cromwell Terrace in the 50s in no 12 was a Reverend Spargo was he the vicar. I left in 56 and have recently moved back, I still go to Percy Gibbons butchers which has just changed hands.


  5. This is not the building that replaced the Methodist church at the corner of the rec on peel street. The new building was further down Peel Street near the big main gates for the rec opposite what was Stanley Grove. I was christened at the Methodist church and went to Sunday school there it was a lovely old building not sure why it was demolished.


  6. This is The People’s Mission building. The mission was previously in New Street but was demolished in the 1970’s for the A66 road and this was the building to replace it. Sorry but not sure what was on the Peel Street site before. Sadly the Mission building is in a terrible state – mostly due to vandalism.


    • Bonfire night, as we called it in the 50’s, and I remember the rec’ (recreation ground) being filled with possibly as many as 20 to 30 separate little bonfires rather than having one large one. Larger bonfires were to be found in the middle of streets; this would be unheard of nowadays but there were so few cars then that it seemed to be acceptable.


    • It was Peel Street Methodist church, I helped to build the new mission, built by J.W Henderson. My dad was organist and secretary of the New Street mission and Ii went to Sunday school there, so it was quite fitting that I helped to build it.


      • My mom and dad were caretakers at the New Street mission, until the end. Also remember Mr Burnett. I was told that the chapel on Peel Street was up for sale?, but I’ve not heard anymore, any information would be appreciated.


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