9 thoughts on “A Sketch of Market Day, Stockton c1905

  1. George Colley prints were very popular in the mid 1980s. He copied, almost traced, old postcards. The view will be from a 1905 card but the artwork will be 1980s.


  2. This is a wonderful drawing. I was impressed with how little it had changed, although I left in 1970. I really enjoy your postings, keep up the good work.


  3. Alas I have to agree! Memories from the 1950’s changing buses to go out to Grangefield Grammar, Coates and Sedgewicks, Home and Colonial, and all the market stalls – about 80? – lit with paraffin lights and the stall holders listening to the FA cup. Memories….


    • George was my art teacher in Hartlepool. He no longer has a shop but he is still living in Hartlepool. He spends most of his time caring for his wife. Lovely man, fantastic at drawing. You can see many more of his drawings hanging in the corridors of North Tees Hospital. Anita Wiseman.


  4. George Colley had a shop on Park Road, Hartlepool, presumably it was a relation of the artist from 1905. If you search internet there are details of him and I believe he still displays his work.


  5. Came to visit Stockton 2 weeks ago, haven’t been back in over 50 years. Went to my old house in Roseworth my schools were gone, the shops still there but it was lovely, clean wide open spaces a lidl where my Secondary school was. Stockton market was nothing as to what it used to be hardly any stalls at all. What once was.

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    • Sheila,
      You must still be in shock after been away from Stockton for so long. The start of the downfall came with the decision to demolish the old riverside of the town to make room for the Castlegate Centre.
      The old town had history and should never have been raised to the ground. A forward looking council would have built the new town shopping centre in the Portrack area of the town or even behind Allison Street.
      Stockton had a great market. I remember the cattle market on Thistle Green, its a shame the best market in the country has been allowed to die in recent years.


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