Chuck McCorkell in the Castlegate/Tower Street area c1951

Two photographs of my late uncle Charles “Chuck” McCorkell near his place of work in the early 1950s, the one with the mean looking motorcycle is outside his workplace the other with him hanging on to a loco was farther down toward the quayside, obviously Health And Safety wasn’t such an issue in those days.

In the loco photograph Chuck is fashionably dressed in trousers with super wide bottoms and a two tone knitted waistcoat that always seemed to be in maroon and pale blue, I too wore such waistcoats ten years after this picture was taken.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

16 thoughts on “Chuck McCorkell in the Castlegate/Tower Street area c1951

  1. The McCorkell Family went to C of E on The Green. Chuck was older than me by 3 or 4 years but it was a small school and everyone knew almost everyone. His brother Nat I think was the youngest and was a year or two below me, I saw him recently (Summer, 2017) but not to speak too.. There are some girls in their family too.


    • Chuck would of been late seventies, he was a Gentleman I played football with him at Norton C.C.T. Brian are you the brother of Dave Sigsworth who played for Synners Juniors with Paddy Basnett, Ray Halliday, Pat Hogg.


      • Chuck and his elder brother, William, both went to the Sec. in Nelson Terrace, William was in same year group as myself, Chuck a year or so younger.


        • Chuck as well as playing for Norton also played for Billingham Synthonia in the Northern League eleven times scoring one goal, he also played for Billingham Methodists in the Stockton & District League.


    • The Loco was the one that ran the scrap trucks up to the shipping area on the Quayside. It was housed in the engine shed at the end of those buildings left of picture. That building had at one time been the engineering shop making locomotives in the early days of the railways along with Blairs that became Hills after Blairs closed in the 1930’s. I had many an argument with the drivers when trying to get a mobile crane along the Quay to a building we worked in.


    • Hi David hope you don’t mind me asking but are you related to the Buttle’s who used to live around the Gasworks then they moved to Roseworth Estate?


    • Yes, Chuck did go to Billingham C of E school as did his brother Robert and also his sister, I have a class photo from the school with Robert as a pupil. Chuck went from the C of E school to a higher school in Nelson Terrace Stockton and would have left school around about 1949/1950, Robert a couple of years later and his sister in the early to mid 1960s.


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