Stockton Remembrance 2017 – The Tributes and the Poppy Truck

The ‘Poppy Truck’ was very impressive and travelled from it’s base near Hull to attend several events in the north east over Remembrance weekend. The wreath for Private Ernest Taylor of the Grenadier Guards had featured recently on Picture Stockton as had Major Edward Cooper VC whose wreath was laid by Neil Schneider on behalf of the Council.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

8 thoughts on “Stockton Remembrance 2017 – The Tributes and the Poppy Truck

  1. Just a reminder that after a break due to Covid there will be a Remembrance Service in Stockton on Remembrance Sunday, 14 November.
    The parade will form up in The Shambles car park at 10:35 to ‘march’ to the Cenotaph for an outdoor service and wreath laying ceremony before moving off down the High Street with the Mayor and Lord Lieutenant taking the salute.
    Lets hope for a good turn out and that people remain Covid aware.

    Full details of all Remembrance Service’s throughout the Borough can be found here ;


    • Geoff, the very latest Scania with the V8 engine. Saying that truck manufacturers as with Car groups all drink from the same trough. Many are tied in with M.A.N. Mercedes, Many of the old UK truck names vanished into the M.A.N. group, Albion Foden Sedan and lastly Leyland and Scammel. Driven most in my time Scania was the best for load pulling Volvo for comfort. Next time you see an army convoy look at the fronts, more like a German invasion the old Bedford Austen Scammel’s Dodges long gone. Walking around a museum thinking I drove most of these at one time or another I suddenly saw 155, a truck I had really driven.
      I much preferred trucks to cars though I did drive some good ones. The best time was when the TA finished and changed its name, all their old vehicles landed up in our Depot and we drove them to storage areas in Wiltshire, 1930-40-50’s I was in my element, even got back into a Mack and a Diamond T, fun on wheels.


  2. This sequence of images is made even more significant by the absence of people in all bar one. A reminder of the desolation of war and the loss. Lest we Forget.


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