4 thoughts on “Norton in the snow c2010

  1. Well done Alec, lovely images of Norton. If ever I returned to Teesside, Norton Green and the High Street would be at the top of my list. I have lived in the London area for 54 years and I am the last surviving member of a family of five that lived in Stockton. Were I to return I may find the memories too much to cope with, but, with the hustle and bustle of the capital getting worse for an old codger, it is very tempting.

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    • Roy, you would be surprised how many people who moved South have come back home. Some find their homes when sold can buy them a lovely house up here and leave money for extra pension. I travelled though always felt adrift until I got to Thirsk on the road back, you feel you are home even though there will be another thirty minutes driving.
      Growing up in Norton Village the Green and High Street were my daily commutes to schools then work in Stockton we saw it in all seasons and never tired of those scenes, they changed with the seasons, slipping and sliding to the Norton Board School or the School bus to Stockton skidding past the stops in winter and we always seemed to get snow. The Green in summer cricket and people sitting on the grass, the stop me and buy one ice cream three wheeler bike, all wonderful memories.
      I still live in the area sometimes sitting on the Green watching the ducks on the pond with a Blackwells pie in hand remembering so many not with us now. The children still play on the green although it is one big car park at times much is still the same.
      Of course if you have made another life with friends and family it is hard to move away because there comes a time you need family close. It does not always pay to follow your dreams.

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  2. This 2010 snowfall must have lasted quite a while as this picture shows 10th January. I was down south and stranded for a few days as the conditions were so bad and that was Nov 30th.


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