Prince Charles’ visit to Harkers c1987

t13379 t13380Inside Harkers Engineering no.4 shop which used to operate out of Church Road, Stockton. Included in the photographs are John Taylor, Norman Bellerby, Mike Round and Prince Charles who visited in the company in 1987.

Photographs and details courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

1 thought on “Prince Charles’ visit to Harkers c1987

  1. I asked my Daughter Janet if she was at Harkers at the time, she said yes and the Prince shook hands with the three girls who worked in the Office Building facing onto Church Road, he spoke to them all before heading into the main workshop.
    The Office later got much larger and was situated above one of the main shops though Janet and Sue still worked in the main office building, two other daughters worked in the general office Margaret and Sandra.
    When Harkers closed down they all moved to the North Tees Hospital, our family tended to take over and Janet still works as PA to the Head Surgeon.
    Another Stockton Factory with a long history of brilliant engineering was lost though I believe they still work under another name.


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