A1 60161, Thornaby Shed c1962/63

An A1 60161 ‘North British’ stands at 51L Thornaby Shed sometime between 1962-63. The photograph was taken by the late Desmond Fernihough who worked at the shed from 1960 -1963, if anyone knew of him can you get in touch?

Photograph by Desmond Fernihough, details courtesy of Chris Fernihough

8 thoughts on “A1 60161, Thornaby Shed c1962/63

  1. I am working on a chapter about Thornaby Motive Power Depot for a book and exhibition on Thornaby and would be interested to talk with workers especially from Thornaby itself, I am particularly keen to find photographs of people at work.


        • Do you have an e-mail address? The Picture Stockton Team will pass it along to me.
          I may have a few photos which you might be interested in then 🙂
          At the moment I’m in the middle of doing a film which included my Dad, his friends through the years, you might be able to help with a few questions and pictures.


  2. The appearance of A1 60161 ‘North British’ would, no doubt, have created something of a stir at 51L Thornaby, as this engine was allocated to the Scottish Region and a decided rarity in our area, though fairly common at Newcastle, working there from Edinburgh. Perhaps she has been borrowed by one of the Tyneside sheds for a freight working down to Thornaby. A few years earlier Haymarket shed Edinburgh would probably have turned out 60161 in sparkling external condition, but in the picture she is filthy and looks neglected, as so many steam engines were by this time. 60161 was withdrawn from service for scrapping in the autumn of 1963.

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    • My Dad did say that seeing the A1 on shed was a rare cop. An A4 made it’s way into Thornaby around the same time and the lads all had their turn at driving an A4!


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