Chelmsford Street, Thornaby c1972

This is my cousin Albert removing the front door from our house at 11 Chelmsford Street, shortly before the street was demolished in 1972. Albert took our door because it was better than the one on his house on Westbury Street.

Photograph and details courtesy of Philip Moore.


11 thoughts on “Chelmsford Street, Thornaby c1972

  1. Does anybody know what happened to Mansfield Street I was born at Number 23… It no longer exists. Now it’s called Mansfield Avenue. Thanks


    • Mansfield Avenue is still there from no. 21 on one side and no. 24 on the other. The houses which stood between Mandale Road and those numbers, including no. 20 where I lived, were demolished to make way for the A66.


      • Thank You Margaret:.. So from your comments, I assume, Mansfield Street was part demolished & intergrated with & re-named Mansfield Avenue.As it is today. Thanks again.. Derek..


      • Derek, I have a vague recollection of hearing of a Mansfield Street but when I moved there with my parents in about 1955 or 56 all of it was called Mansfield Avenue and has been ever since. I can only assume Mansfield Street must have been before that time – would that have been earlier when you lived there?


  2. My family lived at the other house in the photo, No. 13, with the boarded window in the door. Their door was the same style and I’ve always loved those doors since. One of my earliest memories, is visiting my newly married Uncle Tom and his wife, Ann. I would only have been 3 or 4 year old so not long before this photo. Apart from the door, the other thing I remember was a load of horse brasses around the fireplace in the front room.


  3. What is the historical background to the demolition of Chelmsford Street? As a relative newcomer to Teesside (from Canada), I am intensely curious.


    • Hi Ted, I don’t know why, but Chelmsford Street was very close to where the A66 now cuts through that part of Thornaby. Adjoining streets (St. Leonard & Lyndhurst) were completely demolished to make way for the A66.

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      • If you go to the St. Patrick School and stand with your back to it. Look across and you will see a narrow alley. Albert lived in the first house of the newer ones.


      • I have looked at your picture. Where Albert lived was a little further up Westbury Street, opposite St. Patrick School. It was a newer house than the one shown in your picture. I live in Leicester now but still go to Teesside on occasions.. I will try to get over there an have a look.


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