Thornaby Band – The Milestones c1965

Ken Payne contributed this snap to the Thornaby Lives project it shows The Milestones a Thornaby band practicing outside 7 Poplar Road in about 1965; Ken Payne on drums, left is John Nimmo with the guitar, on the table is Dave Neal in the donkey jacket and Ken Kitchen.

“Pop music changed everything in the 1960’s,  everyone was singing Beatles songs, even older people. There were at least 7 bands in Thornaby, the pubs and clubs were packed, it was so easy to get gigs.”

What are your memories of the music scene in Thornaby during the 1960s and 1970s?

6 thoughts on “Thornaby Band – The Milestones c1965

  1. Remember it well as I am on the table top left. The photo brought back great memories and a few more were taken which I thought had been lost… publicity shots for the recordings we never made!! After doing the rounds (more for fun than fame and fortune) for a few years Dave (Neal) left to take up a career in the Merchant Navy and I then left a year or two later to concentrate on the day job which paid better…
    Thanks Ken Payne for posting the picture!!!


  2. I was at school with Kenny Payne and I knew John Nimmo very well as I lived just over the road from his house in Poplar Road on Lanehouse Road. Good days.


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