8 thoughts on “Stockton Baptist Tabernacle c1982

  1. Remember the church being full for both the Sunday morning and evening service. Great preachers such as Richard Kayes and Neville Atkinson.


  2. When I read “now demolished” I was devastated. Like Michael, I never went inside this building when I lived in Stockton because I am not a member of the Baptist community but I remember it very well. I would love to be present at an inquiry into why this delightful piece of design was lost forever and, were I allowed, I would ask some very embarrassing questions. Earlier this year I visited Poland and went to a cathedral famous for its organ. It did not compare with what we had here in Stockton. As I moved away many years ago, can someone tell me, what stands on this site today?


    • The Tabernacle (The Tab) was demolished to make way for the shopping precinct known as, I think, Wellington Square. No doubt named after Wellington Street where the Tab was. I attended the church regularly before moving away from Stockton in 1963.


  3. Why was such a architecturally pleasing building allowed to be demolished? I had never seen the inside of the old building until viewing this photograph, so aesthetically pleasing. I’ve seen the inside of the new building, not as nice.


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