8 thoughts on “Servants Call Board

  1. I once worked in a house in Nottingham where the whole system was intact all wires and pulleys, pity the servants as they lived in the attics.


  2. An 1890 directory shows an entry for Hind & Son, Little Brown Street & 95 High Street, but they are listed as “plumbers & sanitary engineers”, maybe they branched out?


    • Perhaps the family was notable enough to have a street named for them, too? My dim memory seems to recall grandparents living there?


      • Maybe Hind & Sons are related to Richard Hind, Alderman for the Stockton South West Ward and later Honorary Freeman of the Borough. He was listed as living at 6 West End terrace, Yarm Road in the same directory. He was notable enough to have the school named after him, so he’s probably the reason for Hind Street as well. Wouldn’t surprise me as there are a few roads in Stockton named after former mayors, aldermen & councillors.


        • “Alderman Richard Hind of Stockton, a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers” (1897 & 98), so he may well be related to (John) “Hind & Son”, “plumbers & sanitary engineers”.


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