Stephenson Hall Staff c1960s

Back Row (l-r): John Heron, Brian Storey, Alan O’Connor, Ian Jones, Tommy Lonsdale, -??-, Alan Coates. Front Row (l-r): Judith ?, Mary Binnie, Mary Bassett, Fred Chapman, Mr Summers, Jean Harrison, Katie Connolly, -??-, Barbara ? (School Secretary).

Brian Storey and I started school together in 1951 at Billingham North Infants, we went through school together for the next ten years leaving Billingham Stephenson Hall in 1961, Brian went on to train as a teacher and this photo shows him in his first teaching post, we started at Stephenson Hall in 1958 and of the original staff only three remain in this photo, they are Mary Bassett, Alan Coates and Fred Chapman, all superb teachers.

Photograph supplied by Brian Storey and the names by Pauline Orchel, nee Jackson, my thanks to them – Bruce Coleman.

3 thoughts on “Stephenson Hall Staff c1960s

  1. I was in Stephenson campus from 1960/1965,my Favourite Teacher was Mr Heron,and Mr Lonsdale,I loved that school,couldn’t find any photos of those years I was there,if any one has any could you please put them on ,thanks,Linda Owens,Mandeville


  2. I was at Stephenson Hall from about 1968 until late 1971, just before everyone moved to Northfield.
    Teachers that stood out as being exceptional were Mrs Bassett, Mr Coates and Miss Jackson.
    We used to call Barbara, the Sexytary!


  3. Mr Coats was my form teacher for a while, about 1960/61. A good geography teacher, apart from Mrs Basset, and Mr Chapman, I don’t recognise anyone. I was at Stephenson Hall from 1959 to 1961, so I assume this photograph was taken some years later.


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