Junction of Richardson Road and Dennison Street, Stockton c2017

I took this photograph towards the end of last year close to the junction of Richardson Road and Dennison Street. The Elizabeth Embroidery shop in view was formerly a branch of Stockton Co-op Society. This area retains old memories for me having attended Richard Hind School 1952/56. I also did maintenance work on the old Co-op when I was employed by the company. Houses were eventually built on the old school site, also showing in the picture is the rear of the former school caretaker house which was next to the junior school. That school is still standing but now a community centre, I think the house is now used by an administration company. Since the days I attended RH school nothing much appears to have changed around the area of the Sunderland Glebe estate, apart from the housing on the old school site.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Robson.

8 thoughts on “Junction of Richardson Road and Dennison Street, Stockton c2017

  1. I was at Richard Hind from 1966-71, and at that time it was a co-op. Some of us kids would get a bag of broken biscuits there for lunch.


  2. John, I also went to Richard Hind Juniors in the early 1950s. Once a week, on my way to school, I would call at the Coop on the corner, and hand in my mother’s shopping list. And a day or so later a large cardboard box, containing the groceries would be delivered to our house. Long before today’s supermarkets thought of providing their customers with a home delivery service.


    • Wonderful memories Cliff of days past. I recall doing errands for my mother at our local coop on Norton Road, opposite Garbutt Street.


    • Hi Cliff
      Do you remember the wonderful pulley system for delivering the payment to the cashier sat up in the top right hand corner. I lived diagonally opposite in the first house adjoining the common which was our playground. Also not a car anywhere in the area back then.


      • Yes Dave, I was wondering whether to mention that device but I couldn’t think what to call it. I also remember the huge mahogany counters, and the shop assistant weighing out the sugar into blue bags, and cutting huge blocks of butter down to size.


  3. Thank you John for providing the photo. It brings back very pleasant memories of walking a girlfriend home after meeting her in the incognito!!! (Blast from the past) we walked up the junction many a time to her home after a night on the town….


  4. I used to be friendly with the Simpson family who lived in no 27 Richardson Rd, but lost touch with them years ago. If anyone could let me have details of their whereabouts or better still put me back in touch then I would be extremely grateful.


    • The Simpson boys went there separate ways years ago. Alan married and went to live in Marske back in the 60’s and Derek lived in Hartburn for a while but again that was back in the 60’s.


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