Stockton Castings

Stockton Castings, a jobbing foundry in Ross Road, Portrack came into existence in 1947, and last year to celebrate its 70th Anniversary put up some pictures in its reception area. These appear to show the official opening back then. The casting being handled is a plaque, which has been cast by “His Worship the Mayor… on July 6th 1947”

As a kid, in the fifties, I just about remember the set of industrial buildings coming into existence in Ross Road and along that stretch of Portrack Lane. Stockton Castings must have been one of the first to be built.

Photographs and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

2 thoughts on “Stockton Castings

  1. Fred, Was this factory the original Rea’s Brass Foundry from Prince Regent Street? A lot of the old back streets of Stockton Factories were moving out of town into new premises after the war as did Browns Sheet metalled wire works Harkers many others though some closed down.
    My memory of the Ross Road area was the sausage skin factory and the smell that made strong men retch.


  2. Fred, it is great to see that something of our industry lives on. Also it has employed lots of local lads and trained them in house.


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