Summerville Farm, Durham Road

Photographs showing Summerville farm prior to demolition and the building of houses.

Photographs and details courtesy of Terry Westwood.

3 thoughts on “Summerville Farm, Durham Road

  1. Such a shame the builders have been allowed to rip out a large section of the hedgerow which has been there for more years than I can remember.


    • I drove past here this morning and the farm buildings have been demolished. Two new access roads into the site have been built off Harrowgate Lane were the new sales board proclaims new houses for sale in ‘Summerville Village’.


  2. I used to work there many years ago when I was between 18 and 21 it was owned by a farmer called Tony Allen who also owned the farm at Grindon Lane just past Thorpe I can remember the old piggeries were made of corrugated sheets and were full of rats there was hundreds of them.


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