2 thoughts on “Castle Brewery and Yard, c1960s

    • Correct, Mellors Mill the owner a millionaire and after the war we were working in a building on Brougham Street and one of the lads said this building is longer on the outside than the inside. Being a nosey lot we knocked a brick out of the end wall and found two brand new Vauxhall cars on bricks, they had been bought and stored by Mr Mellor as the war started just in case. The wall came down and Sherwoods of Tower Street collected them serviced and tried them out, perfect and worth a fortune at that time.
      Stockton had several Mills, Maddox in Prince Regent Street and another one still standing on Portrack Lane now a garage I think. The sweet smell of corn being ground offset the stink from the river at times.
      The Stockton I knew then was a busy dirty smokey run down place though also a place of entertainment in many forms, thriving markets and good shops. We had money in our pockets and bathed in the old tin bath every Friday and Christmas Eve whether we needed it or not.
      My Grandson 17 yesterday is fascinated by stories of what it was like when I was 17 his Stockton is much cleaner and has the entertainment he likes and that to me is no bad thing we progress. I like Stockton as it is today having been along the River from the Barrage then along the River Front in Stockton lately and seeing the difference from the days I worked alongside the river. What will it be like when he is my age I wonder.


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